Blick auf Lorsbach – View of Lorsbach

50 x 60 cm / Acryl auf Leinwand
19.7 x 23.6 in / acrylic on canvas

Der Blick vom Albertweg in Hofheim Richtung Lorsbach. Der Pfad windet sich am Waldrand entlang und gibt schöne Ausblicke frei.

For this study I used a foto I took when walking with my husband along Albertweg in Hofheim am Taunus. The path winds along the slope of a hill and opens to reveal nice panoramic views.
I mixed my acrylic colors with a heavy gel and used a 2 inch brush for most of the time. I dipped the brush successively into the heaps of paint without mixing on the palette, which resulted in texturized, streaky strokes with lots of color variatons. This "surface mixing" is a bit risky, as you never know exactly which result you are going to get. Good thing that acrylics dry so fast, you can cover up your mistakes and get a nice texture at the same time.

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